Faces of Dörren: Stefana

My name is Stefana and I moved from Serbia to Finland last year with my husband. In the beginning, it was a bit hectic for me to start with the job search because I wasn’t familiar with the Finnish job market at all, I didn’t know the language and I didn’t have any connections from my field of work. One thing that made everything a bit more complicated was the fact that I’ve recently made a transition from architecture to software testing and I desperately needed someone to give me an insight on how everything works here.

This was the moment when the Dörren program came in and matched me with a local “door opener” from the same field of work. We met over a coffee and discussed a variety of topics, including how my career path would look like and what my goals are. I gained a valuable insight on which tools and skills I need to focus on as well as what are market demands at the moment.

All in all, I highly recommend everyone who is in a similar situation as me to apply for this amazing program and get to know more about the Finnish job market and best practices for job seeking.