Spring greetings from the Dörren team

The Dörren team warmly thanks everyone who has shown interest or participated in Dörren. The registration to the networking meetings has been paused from 1.6.2021 but Luckan Integration is working actively on the future scenarios of Dörren. We hope to be able to announce the re-opening of our professional networking soon.

Faces of Dörren: Sandra Fernández – Columbia Road

Sandra Fernández is one of the Door Openers who found Dörren through her employer. She works as a designer at Columbia Road and registered to Dörren as the networking concept was included in the company’s “Good impact program”.

Faces of Dörren: Liselott Sundbäck & Sofia Achame

For Sofia Achame and Liselott Sundbäck the Dörren meeting was the start of a new friendship. Their similar backgrounds and common subjects of interests have made them close and they have been able to mentor each other in different ways.

Networking with the University of Helsinki

Dörren networking events are full speed ahead during the spring! In our latest event it was the staff from the University of Helsinki that acted as Door Openers.

Faces of Dörren: Saana Kallioinen

When Saana Kallioinen registered as a Door Opener she was eager to meet new people and to help others in a way she would have needed when moving to Finland twelve years ago. Today she has a good foothold in the Finnish labour market and wants to share local perspectives and tips with others in her field of work.

Faces of Dörren: Jaana Simula

”Participating in Dörren only takes a couple of hours of your life and you don’t know what it can lead to. Be curious and jump on the opportunity,” says Jaana Simula who has participated as a Door Opener in two completely different Dörren meetings.

Dörren is now a member of FIBS

Dörren by Luckan is proud to present that we are now a member of the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries. The network includes more than 300 companies and organisations that invest heavily in responsibility-related themes. Dörren joins FIBS with a special interest in diversity management. The professional networking concept is a concrete tool that can be used by any organisation interested in advancing their diversity.