Dörren is now a member of FIBS

Dörren by Luckan is proud to present that we are now a member of the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries. The network includes more than 300 companies and organisations that invest heavily in responsibility-related themes. Dörren joins FIBS with a special interest in diversity management. The professional networking concept is a concrete tool that can be used by any organisation interested in advancing their diversity.

Read more about FIBS here.

Dörren is a professional networking concept by Föreningen Luckan rf, that enhances diversity in working life by creating industry-specific connections between international and local professionals in Uusimaa. The concept’s core is a short meeting where both parties get the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and networks. By matching the participant’s based on their industry and work experience Dörren creates meaningful meetings that makes it easy to commit as it only takes one hour of your time. Since the beginning of 2020 over 100 Dörren meetings have been held both digitally and face-to-face!

Organisations use Dörren, for example, to offer their employees the opportunity to meet an international professional from their industry during working time. Through Dörren you can get in contact with and get visibility among international talents who are already living in Finland. At the same time you support the society by helping international professionals become a part of the Finnish work community. By encouraging your organisation’s employees or members to meet international peers from their industry you can get valuable new contacts and information as well as broaden your understanding of the benefits of diversity.

For international professionals the lack of local insights and networks are big challenges when seeking a job in Finland that fits their competence. In the short Dörren meetings the person who already has a foothold in working life in Finland can help the international peer to deepen their local understanding and networks simply by sharing his or her experiences and knowledge. The local participant’s are not expected to offer the international professionals a job.

Would you like to try a Dörren meeting and broaden your networks or could Dörren be the concrete tool for advancing diversity that your organisation is seeking? Read more about how organisations can use Dörren and contact us on [email protected].

Dörren is one of the services provided by Luckan Integration, which is a part of Föreningen Luckan rf. Luckan is a Finland-Swedish Information and Cultural Centre.