Conversation guide

This Conversation guide will support you throughout the meeting. You can download it and print it by clicking the links below.

Message templates

Door Opener, when you have had your meeting with the Participant, we hope you can share two of your contacts with the Participant!

To help you, we have prepared two message templates that you can use to: 

  1. Contact people in your network (by email or on Facebook, LinkedIn etc)
  2. Connect your contacts with the Participant

You can change the language of the page if you need the templates in Swedish or Finnish.

A message you can share with your contacts

Suggested subject line: Do you want to join Dörren as a Door Opener?

I have joined an initiative called Dörren It is about creating meetings between local and foreign professionals in the same sector in Finland. 

Through Dörren, in my role as a Door Opener, I was matched with a person in the the _____ sector. We met for an hour to talk about how the sector works in Finland but also about work culture and other suggestions that I could share with the person. My task is also to try to pass the bucket to two of my contacts who could further deepen the person’s understanding of the sector and expand his/her networks. I am now contacting you because I thought it would be good for the person to meet with you.

If you think this sounds good then the idea is that the two of you will meet for one hour. The meeting is not about offering a job or having ready-made answers. The purpose is simply to help the person understand the job market in Finland, and especially the sector, and expand his/her networks so that sooner or later s/he will find a suitable job opportunity. Hopefully you can in your turn connect the person with two of your contacts, as I am now doing.  

You can download a Dörren conversation guide here to support your meeting. You can find all the information about Dörren here

Let me know if you are available and if I can connect the two of you through a message? Then you can communicate with each other and find a suitable time to meet.

A message to connect your contacts with the Participant