Do you have one hour for diversity?

Through Dörren you and your organisation can take part in meaningful encounters with your industry's foreign professionals that already live in Finland. Get new perspectives and ideas while your organisation helps international peers connect with your industry and feel engaged in the Finnish society.

If you believe that diversity is important in working life, find out how Dörren can help you!

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Networking as a tool for diversity

The core of the Dörren concept lies in supporting foreign-born professionals to build their social capital in Finland. As an organisation you can help international peers from your industry gain a sense of belonging in the local work community and to maintain their professional identity in the new environment. 

International professionals are a great resource for the Finnish society due the aging population but also thanks to the opportunities they can bring to your organisation. Diversity simply makes sense - it means a broader variety of ideas and skills that help organisations stay relevant and competitive in Finland but also abroad. 

Developing the diversity in your organisation can seem challenging especially in the beginning. Dörren makes it easy to take new steps for diversity and to connect with international talents from your industry.

Dörren matches locally established professionals with international peers from the same industry for one hour meetings. As a locally established, so called “Door Opener”, you are not expected to offer a job or an internship but only to share your knowledge about your industry in Finland and, if possible, new contacts. The idea is that the foreign professional gets local insights and a broader network to help him or her find the most suitable place in the Finnish working life. At the same time, your organisation also has the opportunity to get new perspectives and connections that could help you take steps towards the diversity that you need in your organisation.

We are using dörren

Health is not just about how someone feels themselves, but that also everyone around them is feeling good. Finland needs immigration, which makes it important for us to ensure that everyone in society has a meaningful context, work and friends. Opening doors means a dialogue between those who are already more integrated and the fresh newcomers”, says Folkhälsan's CEO, Georg Henrik Wrede

Folkhälsan, a provider of social and health services, encourages its employees to meet foreign-born professionals during work hours. Read their story

Georg Henrik Wrede is in the picture. The picture is taken by Mikko Käkelä for Folkhälsan.
Georg Henrik Wrede. Photo: Folkhälsan/Mikko Käkelä
Miika Sahamies is in the picture. Photo is taken by Liisa Takala.
Miika Sahamies. Photo: Liisa Takala

“The benefits are not one-way. Through networking with international talents you can learn more about the work culture in other countries and your own country as well. Each one of us can help to improve the equality in work life, for example by registering to the Dörren platform”, says Miika Sahamies, senior adviser at Akava (quote translated from Finnish)

The trade union confederation Akava believes in the Dörren initiative and shares it in their social media and in their blog posts

One of the first organisations to team up with Dörren for a networking event is the liberal feminist organisation Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs. They chose to make one of their "Women's Café in English" events into an opportunity for professional networking.

"It is an honor to meet women coming from different backgrounds, to find common interests and get new impressions. At the Women's Café in English we cherish the warm atmosphere and we want to make everybody in the target group feel welcomed," says Fredrika Biström, Coordinator at Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs

Fredrika Biström is in the picture
Fredrika Biström

The employees and volunteers of associations usually have good networks and an interest to try new things. Therefore we are happy to contribute in making the Dörren meetings known among civil society organisations"  (translated from Swedish. Read the whole story here)

Förbundsarenan, a coalition of civil society organisations for Swedish-speaking Finns, shares the Dörren opportunity among its vas group of members.

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