Faces of Dörren: Camille Buskowa & Maria Dorovskikh

Dörren celebrates the past project period by sharing some of your experiences! This story is about Camille’s and Maria’s meeting that led to mutual benefits – told in their own words. 

Camille Buskowa:

Thanks to Dörren, I met Maria in september 2020, we had a coffee together and we discussed various HR topics, as we both work in the same field. We both decided to keep in touch after our meeting. A few months later, she advertised an opening on LinkedIn, which interested me. I contacted her, then applied, and went through the recruitment process. And finally, got the job ! The whole process is hard work, but I can say that Dörren has been a great help !

Dörren aims to be a “Door Opener”: in my case I decided to register a few months after my return to Finland in 2019. As a newcomer on the Finnish job market, my goals were to meet a professional in my field and to start building my network.

I definitely recommend it !

Maria Dorovskikh:

In 2020 I had the pleasure to meet over 10 international talents to share whatever insights about Finnish labour market. Camille, I met through the Dörren program and I got to meet her even in person during early autumn.

She is an international HR professional with a nuclear industry background – just like me! She was curious about career options after her temporary contract would end in March. At the same time I was already a bit concerned about the need to start my family leave during spring and leave more tasks to our ever busy HR team.

A few months later Camille became one of many good candidates for the HRD Specialist role, made it through interviews and assessments and finally became warmly welcomed by the team.

Now I have peace of mind to devote my time to the growing family knowing that the right person supports Fennovoima!