Continued cooperation with Spouse Program in a second networking event

On March, 25 Dörren held a second successful networking event with the Spouse Program at the city of Helsinki. The event gathered 24 local and foreign-born professionals covering a variety of different fields of work. In this event the foreign-born professionals were invited from the Spouse Career Track while Door Openers were invited mainly from the partner companies of the program and the city of Helsinki. 

Prior to the event the foreign-born and local professionals were matched based on their professional profiles and the core of the event was a 45 minute discussion in pairs or small groups. This time it was the ICT, social, communication, biology, HR and education fields of work that fuelled the discussions in the break out rooms. According to the immediate feedback discussions were fruitful and everybody would recommend the service to others.

Dörren has organised networking events since the autumn of 2020 with different cooperation partners and the city of Helsinki has been an active part through the Spouse Program and Culture Kids services.

The Spouse Program is a service provided by the city of Helsinki in close collaboration with the cities of Espoo and Vantaa with the support of the Uusimaa TE-Office. The program supports spouses who have moved to Finland together with their partners who have been hired to work here. At the same time the goal is to help companies retain their international talent. Professionals often choose to return to their home countries if their spouses lack the support when trying to settle in.