A match made in Dörren

We create meetings between local and foreign professionals in the same industry.
Currently available in Uusimaa region in Finland.

How does it work?


Register and get matched

We will match you with a person from the same industry.


Meet for an hour over a cup of coffee

We suggest a time, but you decide when and where you will meet. Use our conversation guide as support.


Share and get contacts

After the meeting, the Door Opener can, if possible, share additional contacts with the Participant. Use our email templates as support.

Dörren is for you:


I am already professionally established in Finland. I want to expand my network and broaden my perspective while helping a foreign born professional by sharing knowledge and contacts within my own industry.


I was born abroad and want to meet people in my professional industry. I would like to broaden my network and learn more about my industry and local working customs. By doing so I increase my chances of finding a job that matches my skills and qualifications.


We want to explore the benefits of diversity in our organisation and the new opportunities, skills and employees or members that may come with it. Let us know more about how Dörren can support our organisation! For more information click here.


Faces of Dörren: Stefana

November 18, 2020

Stefana is one of the many faces of Dörren. For her the networking meeting was an answer to her desperate need of local insights in the field of software testing.

Upcoming Events

We warmly welcome foreign professionals in Uusimaa to network with the IT company Dustin! This event is the very first international digital networking event held together by Dörren in Finland and Yrkesdörren in Sweden in collaboration with Dustin.

(SITRA 2016)

7 out of 10 find jobs through contacts.

Professional networks can take time to build when you move to a new country.

Dörren makes it easier for foreign-born persons to expand their professional network in Finland but Dörren also helps locals discover the skills and competences possessed by foreign-born people in Finland.

Through Dörren organisations can connect with a diverse talent pool of foreign-born professionals in Finland - people whose talents can be of great value locally as well as in international collaborations and business.

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Dörren. For example questions and answers about Door Openers and Participants, the meeting, expectations and more.

Contact us

Gerd Norrgård

Project Manager


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Elisa Häggström

Project Coordinator


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Tony Khalil

Project Coordinator

Networking events


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Do you have questions about the Dörren process or do you need our help?

Please contact us at: dorren(a)luckan.fi